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Westchester Bible Church is excited to announce that small groups are coming this September!!!

Small groups exist to help believers fellowship with God and others as they seek to know Christ and make him known.

Small Group Core Values
• Community: The main purpose of small groups is to build biblical community as we seek to grow together into Christ-likeness.
• Bible Application: The central focus for conversation in small groups is the Word of God, as we seek to apply and delve deeper into the passage that was preached on Sunday.
• Prayer: Small groups provide a good environment to be transparent and to pray for each other.
• Shepherding: Small groups open the door for elders to team up with small group leaders and others to help care for the needs of the people within the group.
• Multiplication: Small groups should seek to be disciples that are making new disciples of Jesus.

For more information on joining a small group, please e-mail Pastor Brandon at brandonsiwula@yahoo.com.