Please reserve seats in advance each week for the service you wish to attend. If there aren’t seats available for a service, please try a different service. Only one person per household should make the reservation so there aren’t duplicate reservations.

We will be requiring one-way traffic through the building, imposing limits on seating, and sanitizing surfaces between services. We strongly encourage all who enter the building to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands. Face masks will be expected.

Parents, please bring your kids! What an opportunity to disciple them in the Lord. We know that they will be wiggly, vocal at times, and sometimes just plain naughty. We understand! Thank you, for investing in them in such a special way at such a challenging time. Do not be embarrassed! Be good parents, and know that we support you. Feel free to correct your children and train them, bringing crayons, paper, quiet toys, etc. while helping them learn to sit. Especially encourage them to sing their hearts out to the Lord!

If you are in the “at-risk” people group or are not comfortable attending, please do not feel pressured to attend. We love and miss you, but we want you to be safe so you can join us soon.